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The information contained herein constitutes the Terms and Conditions ("the terms") governing the use of GamHelp.org ("GamHelp", "the site") or any associated App. If you do not agree to comply fully with the terms then you must leave the site or associated App immediately.



1.1 GamHelp is an independent self-help community whose primary purpose is to help the problem gambler that still suffers.

1.2 GamHelp is operated and run by Problem Gamblers, who use their own personal experiences to help others.

1.3 GamHelp is and will always be free to its Subscribers ("Members") and their Friends & Families.

1.4 We invite Members to make a small monthly donation to keep the site running.



2.1 All information provided by Members is stored securely and GamHelp is fully GDPR compliant.

2.2 All information provided by Members except for specific personal information detailed in 2.4 is visible by and accessible to the public and to search engines.

2.3 Members are required to provide the first Initial of their Surname only, as opposed to their full Surname, and are advised against providing their full Surname for privacy reasons (although they are free to do so if they so choose).

2.4 Members' contact telephone number and email address are not shown on the Member profile, or made available to other Members.

2.5 Members are advised not to provide any telephone numbers, email addresses or other contact details in the Forums, Chat or any other location on the site.

2.6 GamHelp does not and will not share your details with any 3rd party.



3.1 Members should treat each other with dignity & respect at all times.

3.2 Any Member showing disregard for 3.1 may be suspended or banned immediately from the site without notice or reason.



4.1 Any views expressed on the site by Members are their own and not the views of GamHelp.

4.2 Members are required to ensure that their views are expressed as respectfully as possible, avoiding making potentially defamatory statements about Gambling Operators or the people that operate them, or about any other person or organisation.

4.3 Nothing contained in the site should be construed or interpreted as advice; either legal, financial or otherwise.

4.4 All users of the site, both Members and non-Members, are advised to take their own professional advice before acting upon information read or transmitted via the site or associated App.

4.5 GamHelp is a Recovery community, not an industry campaign site. To discuss the Gambling Industry, Laws and Government-related gambling issues please use Twitter which is much better suited for this type of discussion.



GamHelp is primarily for use by Problem Gamblers and their friends & families. If you are a provider of 3rd party gambling counselling services, gambling self-help books or software ("3rd Party Resource") then please note:

5.1 You are allowed to create a personal Member Profile where you can mention your 3rd Party Resource in your "About Me" Bio.

5.2 You are allowed to occasionally mention & link to your 3rd Party Resource in Forum posts, Chat and Groups, limited to a total of 5 occurrences per week.

5.3 Any regular mentioning & linking to your 3rd Party Resource exceeding 5 occurrences a week will be deemed as spam, which may and will most likely result in your account and all associated information being suspended or deleted without notice.



6.1 In addition to the free services and information available on the site, we may from time to time offer access to paid resources such as 1:1 Coaching, Books, Courses and other resources. 

6.2 Proceeds from any such resources go towards helping maintain site costs and the development of new services.



7.1 The terms are subject to change without notice or notification.

7.2 The terms are subject to and governed by English Law.



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